Taste Explorers Club

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The Club is designed to help your little ones to discover the wonderful world of food.

Armed with their personal Taste Explorers Passport, the children will start a fun journey through the five senses and will discover the origin of food and what it is good for.

Hands-on easy recipes with the theme of the day: black pasta, green smoothies, spelt focaccia or kale chips.

The Taste Explorers Club will follow an annual learning journey that aims to engender curiosity and passion about food, driven by two crucial mottos:


“Always try it, you don’t have to like it but try it”


“Food is fun”.

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Farmers Market

Seeds for Kids introduces a Taste Education method in 4 steps:


  • Discover: they discover themselves and the world of flavours trough the five senses approach to food.

  • Learn: the child is taken to a journey in the nutritional values of foods, through funny stories and engaging legends that make learning memorable.

  • Create: used recipes are created specifically for the children and merge culinary tradition and food trends with unexpected ingredients combined together.

  • Reward: children are engaged with a unique passport to record their trip in their learnings and track their goals. A system of reward and certificates helps to motivate them.