Private Food Education

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The course on healthy eating and cooking is customized on the child and family needs.


This course provides the tools to change the child’s food habits with an overview on the essentials of nutrition in order to better understand the practical suggestions on healthy food that are crucial for the Monthly Food Education Programme.


Moreover, it explains how to build a balanced meal, how to regulate the child’s portion size and how to set snack and meal schedules. It gives practical tips like time-saving, healthy shopping; it teaches hygiene and safety rules, bespoke cooking techniques and how to read food labels.

The course will end with a jointly agreed set of goals to be reached with the bespoke food education program.



The initial consultation is set to draw a clear picture of the child’s health and lifestyle and to give the first introduction to his/her nutrition requirements.


It evaluates a typical weekly food diary, the child’s diet history and a detailed food intake questionnaire, previously provided. Family food habit and culture are also a crucial part of the evaluation process, as well as the child’s social environment, like school and friends.


The consultation lasts 60 minutes and includes a first explanation of what easy and immediate changes in the child’s diet and lifestyle should be made immediately and what other relevant changes require more time and a specific education programme.



The Program runs on a 4 weeks’ bases and includes:


Bespoke taste education plan, designed on the child likes and dislikes, with the main focus of introducing specific new food that will help the child to reach his 4 weeks’ goals.


Personalized recipes that will suit the child’s health, taste and lifestyle and will introduce one new food each week.


Weekly Nutritional Cooking Workshops 

organised at home for the child, one friend and the parents. A great occasion to learn by doing, that will include learning stories and nutritional information according to the child’s age and to the monthly goals, where the child will create dishes of his choice. This workshop lasts up to 60 minutes and it is held in a familiar place, like his/her home kitchen, possibly with one friend with whom share the fun and enjoy eating!


Personalised initiatives/rewards for the child to increase the motivation and fun, provided accordingly to the age.