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My Story


I was born and raised in a traditional Italian family and lived in New Zealand and New York. I’ve always loved cooking, nature and healthy lifestyle.


I am Italian.

Where the culture of food is passed down from one generation to the next

Where food is the joy of sitting around the table together

Where the preparation of the meal is shared

Where the children have fun creating new dishes

I was only three when I first created my own little Tortelli and asked my grandma to cook it separately for myself


In my early years my goal was to cook not like my mom but like my grandma (when passed down from one generation to the next you loose something)

My mother is from Parma, land of fresh pasta and homemade preserves, and my father is from Venice, where all sorts of fish are a staple food.

My experiences as mother, woman, chef and nutrition expert led me to take action on children’s nutrition.


When I’ve moved to London, I experienced how commonly children’s diet is far from being healthy. I successfully completed a diploma in Nutrition in Practice at Leiths School of Food and Wine, which completed my knowledge in essential on nutrition, with a specific final project on healthy diet for children.

I am now educating parents and childcare professionals on healthy food for children and families, creating bespoke plans to improve the child’s everyday diet.

I stick to traditions but am interested in merging them with new scientific knowledge.

I’m not vegan, I’m not vegetarian, I’m not a food fanatic and I’m not a food blogger.

I simply love food and I love children. I think they deserve a healthy future.