Mother of two, I was born and raised in a traditional Italian family and lived in New Zealand and New York. I’ve always loved cooking, nature and a healthy lifestyle.


Moved to London in 2015, I successfully completed a diploma in Nutrition in Practice at Leiths School of Food and Wine, with a specific project on a balanced menu for children.


I now design bespoke menu plans and nutrition workshop for children to educate them about healthy habits.


I’m not vegan, I’m not vegetarian, I’m not a food fanatic and I’m not a food blogger.


I simply love food and I love children. 

Private consultation for children 
Initial Consultation, designed Bespoke Taste Education Programs, Private Essential course on Nutrition and Healthy Cooking at your own place
Healthy cooking courses for Nannies
3-day intensive course
Essential nutrition for children Specifically designed for nannies and child carers 
Afternoon Club in Primary Schools

The Club is designed to help your little ones to discover the wonderful world of food.


Armed with their personal Food Passport, the children will start a fun journey through the five senses and will discover the origin of food and what it is good for.


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West London 

Kensington and Chelsea 


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